What you need to know about scraping and losing weight in Chinese medicine

Scraping to lose weight is a more and more popular method of weight loss in Chinese medicine. However, we may not know much about scraping and losing weight. Can scraping lose weight?

How about the effect of scraping weight?

I believe many people will have such questions.

The following editors will share with you ten tips on scraping and losing weight, so that you can deepen your understanding of scraping and losing weight.

  1. Differentiate between weight loss and poverty reduction. First of all, weight loss and weight loss are two things. Most people think that weight loss is weight loss. In fact, it is not true. Scraping weight loss is focused on weight loss.

Because if a person’s weight is within the normal range, the weight will not naturally change during scraping treatment, but it is only restructured for some adults to improve their body shape.

In this process, the proportion and distribution of mortality rates and the previous excess interest rates are adjusted.

  2. The speed of weight loss varies from person to person. The speed of scraping and losing weight depends on the individual’s physique and ability to accept scraping treatment.

For example, if you weigh more than the normal range, he may lose weight faster.

If you are in the normal range or only higher, you will be slower.

  3, scraping weight loss will also have a platform period Many people think that scraping weight loss will make progress every day, every time there will be results, but this is not the case.

Scraping weight loss is divided into several steps, the time span is consistent with the previous.

The speed of weight loss may be faster and the weight will be reduced faster between the first and second treatments, and during the period of 3-4 treatments, the weight will enter a stable plateau period, reaching 4-5After the process, the weight enters a period of slow weight loss. At this time, the weight and waist circumference will gradually decrease again.

After the skin is shortened and relaxed, it will slowly shrink back at this time, so the curative effect of weight loss is a cumulative process, and the initial weight loss effect cannot be continued. The existence of a relatively alternative platform adjustment period may cause patients to loseConfidence, this is indeed a common reason to abandon treatment, and it is precisely the critical period for the patient to rebuild a new body’s metabolic equilibrium, so it is very important to grasp the treatment in this period.