Youth Sports Club Fitness Package

In the implementation of the “Beijing Olympic Action Plan”, the Beijing Sports Bureau launched six “packages” for national fitness, of which four are youth sports clubs’ fitness packages.

  In order to further strengthen youth sports work and enrich the sports and cultural life of the majority of students, the General Administration of Sport of China has used sports lottery public welfare funds to plan and create youth sports clubs nationwide.

At present, there are 56 youth sports clubs in Beijing that have been established and approved by the General Administration of Sport of China. They are located in 15 districts and counties of the city. Some are located in communities, some are in primary and secondary schools, and some are in temporary sports schools.
  Youth sports clubs are of a public interest nature, open to young people in the surrounding area and the city, and carry out various good sports venues.

The activities include: providing technical guidance and services for young people’s physical fitness, organizing young people’s physical activities, sports exchanges and competitions, training and training of young people’s basic sports skills, and participating in youth sports summer (winter) camps.

The club has coaches and teachers who have been teaching military sports for many years. The project includes nearly 30 items including ball games, track and field, swimming, judo, taekwondo, roller skating, and chess.

  According to reports, the Beijing Sports Bureau will announce the names, locations, projects, opening hours and contact numbers of the clubs to the society.