Umbilical Health

Burning the umbilical can help regulate the nervous system and endocrine activities of the human body, especially it can significantly improve the immune function of the human body, which can help to correct the disease and extend the life.


Du Mu’s “Du Gong Tan Compilation” records an interesting fact: During Yongle’s reign, Jiaxing person Jin Sheng served as director of the Ministry of Penalty.

In a discussion of thieves, the government arrested many robbers.

What surprised Jin was that the leader of the robber was actually a “twenty-five-year-old” birthday star, but this man looked immature and “faced like a boy.”

Jin Chu didn’t believe it, so he sent someone to investigate the prisoner’s origin to obtain evidence, and the result was correct.

Jin Yu personally interrogated the thief and asked “why did it lead to longevity?”

The prisoner said: When he lived in Jingshan (now Hunan) when he was young, he heard a stranger tell him that he often moxibusted his umbilicus with grass, which made him longevity.

So he practiced this technique for a long time and “he lived to this ear.

Similar records are found in other ancient medical books.

For example, the Song Dynasty “Acupuncture and Shizijing” contained: “Someone who is old and looks like a boy, covers every year with a rat feces moxibustion suture.

“The recipe for Qingtai Hospital” contains the umbilical formula called “Yulin Lin Guben Ointment”, which is said to have been used by Empress Dowager Cixi to treat gastrointestinal disorders.

  What is “umbilical”?

  Navel, commonly known as the navel eye.

From the point of view of modern medicine, the “umbilical cord” is just a residual trace tissue left after the umbilical cord of a newborn child is displaced. However, Chinese medicine believes that the umbilical cord is an important acupuncture point with a curative effect and is called “god”.

This acupuncture point is considered to be the head of the meridian, the sea of meridians, and it can control the various meridians of the human body.

When the body’s qi, blood, yin and yang are out of balance, and a disease occurs, by stimulating or applying medicine to Shenxian acupoint, it can adjust the balance of yin and yang, qi and blood, and unblock the function, and get the effect of eliminating evil and curing disease.

  The effect of “moxibustion of the umbilical cord” is interesting. Some scientists use the “golden law” to measure the human body, and surprisingly found that the ratio from the length of the belly button to the foot to the length of the belly button to the top of the head is exactly equal to zero.

618, that is, the navel is located on the “golden section” of the human body.

And modern scientific research shows that 0.

618 plays an important role in health, so the “golden section” should be the best point to adjust human function.

Experimental studies have also proven that: stimulating drugs, moxibustion, and other stimuli can help regulate the nervous system and endocrine activities of the human body, especially can significantly improve the immune function of the human body, which can improve the role of righting, eliminating disease, and prolonging life.

  In addition to moxibustion after filling the umbilicus with medicine, the commonly used and effective method is to use moxa leaves directly.

  The most commonly used moxibustion method1.

Ai Zhi direct moxibustion method: Suspend the burning Ai Zhi directly above the middle of the umbilicus (about 1 cm) to moxibustion, taking the degree of warmth as a degree.

Each moxibustion is 15-30 minutes, once a day, and 10 moxibustions are a course of treatment.

The initial moxibustion can be 3-5 treatments from time to time, and the effect of moxibustion is better in autumn and winter.

  Main effects: It has a good intervention effect on rehabilitation dysfunction and neurasthenia caused by physical deficiency.


The method of moxibustion of ginger by separating the ginger: puncture a few holes on the ginger slice and cover the umbilicus, ignite the moxa to peck the spines in the ginger slice, and feel warm and comfortable.

Each moxibustion is 15-20 minutes, once every other day, and 10 times a month. It is best to start moxibustion in the winter solstice.

  Main effect: It can prevent indigestion and abdominal pain caused by cold evil.

  Umbilical cord blood is damaged during treatment, and there are too many infiltrators and pregnant women; moxibustion of the umbilical cord should not be performed immediately after meals or on an empty stomach;