Different constitutions and different diets

Because the internal organs of the child are delicate, the internal organs of the internal organs are relatively inadequate, and the development of various organs in the body is not perfect, so they are susceptible to illness, and their condition changes rapidly after illness.

However, the child is full of vitality and a vigorous metabolism, so it is easy to recover after getting sick.

In ancient China, traditional Chinese medicine has theories of “replenishing the weak”, “reducing the real”, “heating the cold”, and “heating the cold”, and food is also divided into cold, hot, warm, and cold.

As long as the mother understands the baby’s physique, she can use the corresponding food to condition the baby’s body.

Be disease-free and prevent disease before it happens.

You can guarantee your baby’s healthy growth without taking medicine, but that’s the good news for mothers and babies.

  Different physiques have different manifestations: Qi deficiency constitution: children are prone to fatigue and fatigue, low voice or crying, shortness of breath and shortness of breath after exercise, sweating, colds in doctors and patients, etc. Qi deficiency can be manifested by thin stools and poor appetite, Abdominal distension after eating.

  Blood deficiency constitution: The child’s complexion is pale, her nails are white, her lips are pale, her sleep is often disturbed, and her growth and development are similar to those of children of the same age.

  Yang Deficiency: Children’s hands and feet are cold, afraid of coldness and warmth, pale, pale and long urine, thin or green stools, pale tongue, etc.

  Yin deficiency: children are thirsty, often dry throat, like cold drinks; warm hands and feet; night sweats during sleep; red tongue, pale tongue coating, or no moss, or even thin coating; constipation;Due to yin deficiency, the child’s body is thin and stunted.

  Huowang constitution: Huowang constitution is divided into two types: one is Yin deficiency Huowang, which has the same characteristics as Yin deficiency constitution; the second is Huowang, which mainly displays “hot” characteristics: bad breath, thirst, constipation, etc .; liver fireProsperous, irritable temper, easy to cry, poor stools, etc .; strong heart, prone to sores on the tongue, poor sleep, dark urine, red tongue tip, etc.

  Wet and heavy physique: The child is characterized by a pale and yellow complexion, poor eating, thin stools, white and thick tongue coating, etc.

  Different constitutions and different diets.

  A few reminders for diet.

Before the diet, be sure to find a Chinese doctor to diagnose the child, so as to correctly judge the child’s physique, so as not to cause mistakes;

Can not use tonic food therapy for cold and fever;

It is best not to eat cold and greasy foods during diet;

Medicinal diet involves several kinds of food;

Pay attention to the nutritional balance between the vegetarian diet and meals during the diet;

If your baby has a reduced meal or indigestion after a nourishing diet, you should pause for a few days or choose another medicated meal