Xiaobian recommended to go to blackheads

Wrong way to go blackheads :.

hzh {display: none; }  1、用手挤:很多人都会用手挤,但由于指甲易藏细菌,所以容易引致皮肤发炎,而且毛孔会越变越大.

  2. Wipe with a brush: This method is only suitable for removing dead skin, such as removing blackheads. It has little effect. If rubbed vigorously, it will damage the skin.

  Effective ways to remove blackheads: 1. Use a blackhead nose patch to wet the nose with water first, then stick the nose patch, and then tear it open, and the blackhead will be pulled through.

  Note: The pores will become larger and dirt will be hidden quickly, so it is advisable to use shrink water to shrink the pores afterwards.

  2. The principle of using a nasal mask is the same as applying a mask, but the viscosity and deep cleaning performance are improved.

Rinse with water after application.

  Note: Due to its strong performance, it is easy to sensitize the skin.

Can be replaced by ordinary deep cleansing mask.

  3. Use a scrub to wet the nose first, then gently rub the nose with a scrub to make blackheads drain.

  Note: About stubborn and large-grained blackheads, the effect is not great, only known for fine-grained blackheads.

  Tips for removing blackheads: 1. If you want to remove the blackheads but do not want the pores to become larger, you should use an alternative method. It is best to steam the noodles beforehand to make the pores open automatically. Besides helping to expel toxins, it can also help clean up.。
  2. After removing the blackheads, apply a cold-steamed water or snow toner to apply a nasal application. It has a calming effect on the skin or shrinks the pores. If you want to reduce inflammation, you can try cotton swab dipped in alcohol.