3 medicated diets to improve immunity

What is the manifestation of low immunity?
3 medicated diets to improve immunity

Why do people cough and sneeze every time you do n’t catch a cold?

It’s all because of your low immunity.

Immunity is the body’s own defense mechanism. If the immunity is low, the body will become weaker and weaker only if it cannot resist foreign bacterial infections.

The following editors tell you what is the performance of low immunity?

How to use medicated diet to improve immunity!

  Some manifestations of low immunity: I often feel tired and often ca n’t lift the work, I feel tired after doing a little work, and I do n’t find any deterioration in the organs when I go to the inspection. Your energy is relieved after the rest, but this ca n’t lastGod, fatigue is back.

  If you have a cold, if you catch a cold, your weather will become slightly colder and colder, you will sneeze when you do n’t have time to add clothes, and the days will accompany the cold, and it will take you a long time, which means that yourImmunity has decreased.

  The wound is susceptible to infection. When the body part is accidentally scratched, the wound will be red and swollen within a few days, and even the pus will flow. A normal person will be fine within a few days, but you will have to prolong it for a long time. Or a certain part of you,For example, a long, itchy, itchy little bitch grows on the head after a few days, which also shows that the resistance is reduced.

  Stomachy stomach If your stomach is like a baby that hasn’t grown up, you often eat out and eat a normal dish, others are safe and sound, but you vomit and diarrhea, indicating that there is a problem with the self-protection function of your stomach.
  Three medicated diets take care of immunity: Cassia seed chrysanthemum tea Material: Cassia seed 3 money, chrysanthemum 3 money, wolfberry 2 money.

  Note: After washing all the medicinal materials, add water to cook to 500-1000c, depending on the concentration of personal preference.


Tea can be drunk all day, but it is recommended to reduce the intake at night to avoid increasing the burden on digestion.

This tea is suitable for everyone.

Cassia clears the eyes and clears the eyes, moisturizes the bowels, and chrysanthemum can improve the symptoms of dry eyes in spring.

However, it should be noted that children are of pure yang constitution and have large changes in their bodies. They may easily have nosebleeds if they do not pay attention or make up too much. It is recommended to drink chrysanthemum tea alone. A small amount of wolfberry can be added to constipation.Seek medical treatment by a professional Chinese physician based on the current physical fitness and physical condition.

  Angelica wolfberry chicken soup ingredients: half fresh chicken, angelica slice 1 yuan, wolfberry 3-5 yuan, chrysanthemum 2 yuan.

  Note: Cut the chicken into pieces, blanch and remove the blood, add the washed Chinese medicinal materials and simmer, the chicken is soft and edible.

This medicated diet is suitable for people with hot constitution. It is affected by wind and evil in the spring season, and often has allergic symptoms such as itchy skin and dry itchy eyes.

  Yanggan Siwu Decoction Ingredients: Angelica 1 yuan, Chuanxiong 2 yuan, Shudi 2 yuan, Fried Baiji 2 yuan, Polygonum multiflorum 2 yuan, Black Date 2 yuan, fresh chicken or ribs.

  Note: After the chicken nuggets or pork ribs are scalded, add all the Chinese medicinal materials and simmer, and cook until the ingredients are soft and rotten.

This medicated diet has the effects of nourishing yin and soft stools, suitable for women with liver and blood deficiency, prone to anemia, and frail elderly people.

It should be noted that in order to avoid overdosing, women are advised not to consume it 1 week before menstruation, and it is generally recommended to limit it to once a week.