[Chestnuts steamed or cooked_chestnuts steamed or cooked]

Even if the chestnut taste is very good, it is very complicated during the process, because people without relevant chestnut and processing skills will find that the shell of the chestnut is very difficult to peel off, and the skin of the chestnut is not easy to peel off.

Although buying on the street will buy this snack of sugar fried chestnut, this has become a feeling in the memory of too many people of the same year.

When making chestnuts at home, is it steamed chestnuts or boiled chestnuts?

Steamed or boiled chestnuts are better than steamed ones, and boiled ones are better than steamed ones. After all, cooking is more watery. Chestnuts are hot (dry), so it is recommended that the elderly and children eat less, otherwisePoor digestion.

Recommend a dish to eat with good nutrition absorption!

Chestnut roasted chicken.

The chestnuts are cooked first, and finally boiled the braised chicken together, and cooked for 5 minutes!

After all, chestnuts have already been cooked in the early stage. Steamed chestnuts are delicious or boiled. Depending on your taste, boil chestnuts: one chestnut, one pot of fresh water. Method 1 Prepare a plate of carefully selected fresh chestnuts with a knife.Gently cut one knife / two knifes / three knifes in the cone of the chestnut. (The shape of the chestnuts is different when the edges are different!)

2 Add more water to the chestnut noodles and cook for about 20 minutes.

The water must keep the chestnuts cooked or not past the chestnut surface, or it is not guaranteed to peel easily, or the texture may not be cracked and beautiful.

Steamed chestnut material: 1 kg of chestnut production: 1 clean the chestnut; 2 cut a knife on the back of the chestnut with a knife; 3 put it into the steamer and steam for about 15 minutes, it is good to see that the mouth is open.

Housewife experience: 1 choose fresh chestnuts; 2 be careful when cutting chestnuts, be careful; 3 the type of steaming rack should be higher, there must be a certain distance from the water surface, otherwise the water will diffuse onto the chestnutof.

The role and efficacy of chestnut 1, anti-aging.

The rich unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and minerals contained in chestnut can prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. It is an anti-aging and long-lasting tonic.

2, cure children with sores.

Chestnut contains riboflavin, eating chestnut often is good for children with sore tongue and ulcers.

3, food for the elderly.

Chestnut is rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the normal functions of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles. It can prevent and treat osteoporosis, weak waists and legs, pain in muscles and bones, fatigue, etc., and delay human aging. It is an ideal health fruit for the elderly.

4, Yiqi Jianpi.

Chestnut is a dried fruit variety with high carbohydrate content. It can replenish the heat energy of human complication and can help a little metabolism.

5, has a good effect on kidney deficiency.

Tang Sisun thinks that chestnut is “fruit of kidney, kidney disease should be eaten.”