Try Four Therapies

Suffering from depression!
Try Four Therapies

Depression is a common mental illness that affects women two to three times more frequently than men, and suffers much more.

The following introduces self-remedy: physical therapy can give people a feeling of relaxation and self-control, which is conducive to overcoming the loneliness shared by patients with depression.

But exercise must have a certain intensity, duration and frequency to achieve the desired effect.

Taking aerobics as an example, the content includes running, skipping, aerobic dancing, etc. At least 3 times a week, each lasting 15-20 minutes.

Walking can also achieve the same effect as running. Experts recommend that patients walk 1500 meters a day and strive to walk within 15 minutes.

Later, the distance was gradually increased until the 4500 meters were completed in 45 minutes.

The consent of your doctor is required when starting exercise.

  Nutrition Therapy Many doctors believe that the vitamins and amino acids in food have important effects on a person’s mental health.

Some experts believe that the lack of a single nutrient in paranoid people can also cause depression, so he suggested that people eat foods rich in vitamin B, such as coarse grains and fish.

He also gave patients a dose of multivitamin B.

He believes that these are vitamins that people tend to lack.

  Psychotherapy Depression patients often have colored glasses to look at the world and himself.

In order to change this wrong view, Gary Emmer of the Los Angeles Psychiatric Center proposed the “three A”, which is to understand, answer, and act.

Because the English letters of the three words all start with A, they are called.

  Understand: first of all, you must acknowledge your mental depression; secondly, you must pay attention to your emotional changes, abnormal behaviors, feelings and differences in thinking and physical responses.

  Answer: Learn to identify and record every time an error occurs.

Write your own wrong thoughts first, and then write down a number of actual alternative answers. The purpose is to test your thoughts in practice.

After writing, ask yourself: “Is this true?

“Then ask yourself:” What do you think about it from another perspective?

“Action: If you feel unnoticed, then change to a new way; if you can’t get the job done, you should take a course to improve your skills or find a new job.

Plan more activities to regularize your life.

  Communication therapy research shows that people who are good at socializing are happier mentally than people who like to be alone.

A mental health laboratory in the United States recently launched a campaign with the slogan “Friends Are Good Medicine.”

They believe that social support can even extend a person’s life.