Massage the hand reflex zone to protect the cervical vertebra

Healthy people, five fingers full, mellow, powerful, stout, uniform length and appropriate.

Any of the five fingers is skewed, thinned, the joints are thick, the knuckles are widened, and there are many horizontal stripes, which indicate that the body has some discomfort.

If problems are discovered in time, we can adjust our body by massaging our hand reflex zones.

  For example, some elderly people suffer from dizziness due to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Then the thumb and thumb are the blood supply area of the heart and brain. Every day, the fingertips are about a minute, which can improve blood circulation.

  ● Pulling the thumb to treat the cervical vertebra thumb If the second section is thin, it generally means that the cervical vertebrae supply is not good.

Because the cervical vertebra is behind, the front is the trachea.

If the cervical vertebrae and the neck reflex zone are bulged, it also means that there is a problem with the throat and trachea.

  In the daily conditioning, the reflex zone of the cervical vertebra in the palm and the respiratory center of the thumb and the thumb can be combined to correct the problems of the cervical vertebra and the throat, and at the same time, the point is pressed to the middle of the big toe.The respiratory center and the foot of the solution to the Xixi.

  ● The stomach medicine is on the center of the palm of the hand, and the stomach is near the first metacarpophalangeal area.

The elderly often press the stomach to guide the reflex zone and regulate the gastrointestinal function.

If you have acute gastritis, or if your stomach feels uncomfortable, you can press the stomach reflex zone and it works very well.

At the same time, it can also cooperate with sputum to press each finger to help reduce inflammation.