Simple toe aerobics to make you live longer every year

It is reported that Mr. Yao Lao, a retired cadre in Suqian, Jiangsu, is 98 years old.

He has no ears, no eyes, and normal blood pressure.

His health regimen is to turn his feet every day instead of doing it once in the morning and evening. He has been doing it for more than 50 years.

Why does moving toes mean so much to human health?

  It turned out that whether the blood circulation in the lower body of the human body is unblocked or not has a great influence on the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body.

The foot pedal is an important part for the blood flow of the left and right feet. If the foot is soft and elastic, the venous blood of the heart can be smoothly replaced by the foot. If the foot is stiff and aging, the blood of the heart will accumulate on the foot.Nearby so that normal blood circulation is affected.

Therefore, keeping your feet soft and flexible through gymnastics or massage can greatly replace human health.

Here are some specific methods of moving the pedals: ● Sitting on a chair or bed with your feet up and down, with one foot on the ground and the other with your feet slightly straightened.

Follow your breathing with your feet and soles. Try to lift your feet when you inhale, and try to lower your feet when you exhale. Do not breathe too fast. Do it 100 times on each foot.

  ● Rotating the foot will bend the left leg, and reinsert the left foot on the right thigh.

Hold the pointer toes with your left hand, hold the sole of your left foot with your right hand, rotate the active pedals, clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Then proceed on the opposite side.

  ● Step on the front foot, step on the lower leg, step back slowly to try to straighten your foot forward, keep this position for about 1 minute.

  ● Strengthen your toes with the front 1/3 of your feet touching the ground and the back 2/3 of your feet. Hang your toes and lower them. Repeat 10 times. You can also use your heels to the ground, raise your feet and lower them, and repeat 10 times.

  As long as the above actions are persisted every day, they can be distributed.